History of Women Fly Project

Cheryl Mohrmann

“Sometimes you know in your heart that it should have been you.  That’s the way I felt when I saw the Women Fly apparel in 2010. At age 55, I had finally started flying lessons and it was the first hat I bought” says Cheryl. Being I was a life long graphic artist, the Women Fly business really interested me. I love the name Women Fly because it is a positive statement about all women. It’s a compliment. The time is right for Women Fly. Now more than ever, the general public is interested in learning about aviation, and my store is educational, fun, and geared to all women.

Women still make up less than 10% of total pilots. We need more women pilots and more women in many other aviation careers. I think Women Fly can help with that. Let’s start the Women Fly movement now!

The day I soloed at W29 Bay Bridge Airport in Maryland. 10/28/2010