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    Patty Wagstaff by Women Fly
    Item Number: TS-WFPW

    This design prints front and back on a 100% cotton t-shirt, either in white or black. Back design is a reproduction of Patty's airshow routine, in her own "Aresti symbol" handwriting. On the black shirt, the back design prints in glow-in-the-dark ink!

    Three-time national aerobatic champion Patty Wagstaff has probably done more to make aerobatics a household word than any other pilot in history. Breaking the gender barrier, she proved that in aviation, the best pilots are determined by skill and practice, not by gender. In 1991, competing in a field of both men and women, she won the National Aerobatic Championship, the first woman to do so. And to prove that it wasn't just a fluke, she went on to win in 1992 and 1993. After retiring from the rigors of competition, Patty continues to thrill airshow audiences with her exciting "hard core" aerobatics airshow in her Extra 300. She generously donated her competition airplane, an Extra 260, to the National Air & Space Museum, where it is on permanent display. As a respected member of the aviation community, she serves on boards and advisory panels for museums, regulatory bodies and sport aviation organizations. She has written an autobiography "Fire and Air", and is a frequent contributor to aviation publications as well as a sought-after speaker. Patty's stamina, passion and hard work have truly created a champion.


    100% cotton

    Prints on Gildan Ultra Cotton Ladies' T-Shirt