Now MP3 Compatible enabling you to use your iPod, cellphone, MP3, and video games in flight!

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    Pink Aviation Headset, ANR

    Item # ANR

    Active Noise Reduction

    The ANR headset can isolate, offset, and cancel environmental noise. Compared with conventional (PNR) headsets, the ANR model reduces background noise to provide a quieter, more comfortable flight. Its noise-canceling circuitry increases comfort and decreases pilot fatigue, improving communication and safety. This ANR model accommodates both stereo and mono intercom systems.

    Each Powder Puff Pilot headset is hand-made by skilled engineers, and built with an electret microphone and advanced special noise attenuation technologyto provide a comfortable audio environment. Both models feature a flexible boom assembly that allows you to adjust the mic to a position that's just right for you. An MP3 jack on both models make them compatible with MP3 players, cell phones, and video games.

    Powder Puff Pilot is so confident of the quality of our headsets, we offer a 1-year warranty on all headset parts and service. Another guarantee: the distinctive Powder Puff Pilot logo in pink on pink on the non-mic earcup is certain to keep flyboys' hands off your headset!