Cockpit USA does not scrimp on product quality and attention to details. As a matter of fact, many of our jackets have more going on inside than they do outside! Look for all those special inside finishes, extra pockets, comfort in the fit, beautiful leathers, sheepskin and fabrics. These are superlatively designed and manufactured coats, destined to last a life time and longer! When the Cockpit catalog first introduced this jacket, in 1982, it became an instant best seller because of the superb components and leathers used. Made with 100% vintage lambskin and created with military styling, this jacket includes details such as zip top and side entry, two-way corded pockets, inside chest pocket, biswing back for ease of movement, knit cuffs and waist

band and a luxurious WWII pilot’s aviation map lining. Available in regular and long sizes. Proudly made in the U.S.A. and imported.

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The Patton B-3 Sheepskin Jacket, Cockpit/Avirex Leather Jackets Item Number Z2103
Retail: $1,260.00
Sale Price: $1,134.00
Availability: Normally Stocked
Item #: Z2103L -

    The Patton B-3 Sheepskin Jacket by CockpitItem Number: Z2103George S. Patton was one of World War II's most famous American generals. His trademarks were his two 1876 single action Army pearl handled Colt 45 pistols worn on each hip and his custom design B-3 sheepskin jacket. We have carefully reproduced his jacket. Today, the B-3 has become the ultimate jacket for warmth and winter weather protection. Our replica of his B-3 jacket is individually hand cut, stitched, and finished by American...

    100 Mission™ B-3 Bomber Jacket
    Retail: $1,500.00
    Sale Price: $1,350.00
    Availability: Normally Stocked
    Item #: Z21A013 -

      100 Mission™ B-3 Bomber Jacket Item # Z21A013 Cockpit USA artisans have created a B-3 jacket which so accurately represents a combat worn garment that has seen at least 100 mission over enemy territory. This new garment cannot be distinguished from one over 60 years old. It features a body crafted of American shearling full fur sheepskin specially treated to give the look and feel of an aged and authentic garment. Vintage labeling, heavy latigo aged leather belting straps, and other...

      B-7 Aleutian WWII Sheepskin Parka
      Retail: $1,850.00
      Sale Price: $1,665.00
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      Item #: Z21M035 -

        B-7 Aleutian WWII Sheepskin Parka by CockpitItem Number: Z42633Z21M035 Crafted originally during WWII, the grand B-7 Parka was an essential asset in the protection of pilots and ground crews stationed in the bitterly cold climates of Alaska. With plummeting temperatures and unheated cockpits at altitudes of up to 20,000 feet, a heavy duty piece of outerwear was needed to keep out the chill and the specifically designed three-quarter length, plush shearling, and fur-trimmed B-7 jacket fit the...

        B-6 Shearling Bomber Jacket
        Retail: $1,300.00
        Sale Price: $1,170.00
        Availability: Normally Stocked
        Item #: Z21U028 -

          B-6 Shearling Bomber Jacket by CockpitItem Number: Z21U028 The B-6 short sheared sheepskin flight jacket was first introduced in 1939 and used extensively in the Army Air Force training command when pilots flew open cockpit training planes but needed a lightweight jacket for ease of movement. Light enough to wear with a sweater and other layering pieces; it is an incredibly contemporary piece of clothing designed by artisans years ago but an easy piece for the field or street. Please note that...

          RAF Fighter Weight Sheepskin Bomber Jacket
          Retail: $1,290.00
          Sale Price: $1,161.00
          Availability: Normally Stocked
          Item #: Z21W010 -

            RAF Fighter Weight Sheepskin Bomber Jacket by CockpitItem Number: Z21W010 With open cockpit fighters in mind, this jacket was originally designed for the Royal Air Force (R.A.F) in 1937 with very thick shearling. Proving too cumbersome for the tight enclosed cockpit of the Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft, these pilots tailored their jackets to shear down the wool to allow more freedom of movement. Cockpit USA has introduced this short sheared sheepskin version, light enough to wear with a...

            Greengurgh Shearling Bogard (Black)
            Retail: $1,700.00
            Sale Price: $1,530.00
            Availability: Normally Stocked
            Item #: Z21W107 -

              Greengurgh Shearling Bogard (Black) Jacket by CockpitItem Number: Z21W107 A classic rendition of a cross between a policeman’s coat and a military jacket, “The Greenburg Shearling Coat” showcases confidence and sophistication while still maintaining its authentic roots. Using our Tomahawk jacket and the military ANJ4 sheepskin as inspiration, we created this jacket to meet Mike B (Bogard) aesthetic requirements. We suggested a special short hair finish black shearling with calfskin trim and...

              The Highview Shearling Trench (Black)
              Retail: $2,400.00
              Sale Price: $2,160.00
              Availability: Normally Stocked
              Item #: Z21W108 -

                The Highview Shearling Trench (Black) Jacket by CockpitItem Number: Z21W108 Cockpit USA’s collaboration with Mike B (Bogard) showcases a sophisticated and bold approach to the iconic Trench Coat. Using the shorter hair leatherized black on black shearling; we translated the trench into a luxurious and super warm ¾ length coat. Using Cockpit’s special high-grade black suede to back the sheepskin collar and to give it its typical trench shoulder flap, but in this case sewn down for extra detail....

                The Dakota Hooded B3 Coat
                Retail: $1,440.00
                Sale Price: $1,296.00
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                Item #: Z21X015 -

                  The Dakota Hooded B3 Coat by CockpitItem Number: Z21X015 "The Dakota Shearling Coat” retains all of the original features of our standard Hooded B-3 by still maintaining the luxurious detachable zippered shearling, coyote fur trimmed hood. The Dakota Shearling Coat is approximately 31 to 32 inches long and is designed for maximum coverage and warmth. The Basic B3 was issued to aviators in 1934 and created as a shorter jacket for practical use in the cockpit or bomber to keep warm but not...

                  The Dunkirk Hooded Belted Jacket RAF (Brown)
                  Retail: $1,520.00
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                  Item #: Z21Y003 -

                    The Dunkirk Hooded Belted Jacket RAF by CockpitItem Number: Z21Y003 Color: Brown Its late May 1940, the British forces sent to defend France from the Germans are in disarray and have been pushed to the edge of the beaches at HAUTS-de-France where their fate awaits. Their salvation, an armada of small boats from England sent to rescue the 300,000 troops trapped with their backs to the sea. Their true salvation lies in the skies above with the Royal Air Force fighters covering the evacuation and...

                    The Cockpit B-3 Vest
                    Retail: $840.00
                    Sale Price: $756.00
                    Availability: Normally Stocked
                    Item #: Z3991M -

                      The Cockpit B-3 Vest By Cockpit USAItem Number: Z3991M Inspired by the original WWII issue and the best selling B-3 Jackets, the CockpitUSA B-3 Vest is a great variant on an American classic. Thick shearling professionally chosen with great care for warmth and color details makes this garment a must have for those coldweather nights or for a stylish time out on the town. Paired with a great sweateror interior jacket, you will turn heads!• Soft supple double-faced Shearling• Leather welted...

                      Tokyo Raiders A-2 Jacket (Brown)
                      Retail: $810.00
                      Sale Price: $729.00
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                      Item #: Z21S018 -

                        Tokyo Raiders A-2 Jacket (Brown) by Cockpit USAItem # Z21S018Cockpit USA salutes the service men of the U.S.A.A.F. who heroically embarked on that perilous first mission of bombing the Japanese Homeland on April 18th, 1942 during WWII. Careful attention has been given to the 34th Bomb Squadron embroidered patch on the left chest. The Cockpit USA designed “Tokyo Raiders” commemorative lining is beautifully hand screen printed and embroidered. Our way of honoring the many who sacrificed...

                        Stearman Leather Vest (Long)
                        Retail: $460.00
                        Sale Price: $414.00
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                        Item #: Z2129VL -

                          Stearman Leather Vest (Long) by Cockpit/Avirex Leather JacketsItem Number: Z2129VL The Stearman Leather Vest is a direct descendant of those worn by barnstorming stunt pilots who flew Stearman Bi-Planes in the 1930’s. The leather used has been treated to provide that authentically aged, vintage look. Ideal for warm weather, or wear it over a sweater or jacket on cooler days.. Our long sizes are approximately 2 inches longer in the sleeves and body than our regular sizes. • Vintage lambskin...